EV Charger Installation

We are experts at EV Car Charger installations or Electric Vehicle Car Charging stations.

EV chargers can be installed commercially in garages or stratas as well as residential homes. We can install EV chargers into condos, townhomes, and residential homes or garages. The choice is yours.

Brands of EV Chargers & Incentives

There are many different brands of EV chargers and levels of charging stations depending on if you are installing a commercial or residential charging station. You can also receive electric vehicle rebate incentives from BC Hydro. Read more here:

Save Money & Buy Electric

Many homeowners are switching to electric vehicles. Once you do the math on how much you can save with your daily travel expenses and the BC Hydro incentives, it starts to make more sense on switching to electric.

Contact us today, and we can help you find out if switching to an electric vehicle is worth it for you.