Commercial Electrical

Our Commercial Electricians specialize in Retail & Industrial Developments minimizing downtime and increasing the professionalism of the install. Our technicians have worked on a multitude of projects in the lower mainland and operate at the highest standards. Partnering with Bright West Electric ensures that your commercial and industrial spaces are fitted with the latest equipment, modern fixtures and safety standards.

Bright West Electric has a demonstrable list of commercial clients. Our portfolio boasts fast and efficient work that is proven in reducing delays and overall construction time and costs. We’ll get your commercial unit ready for business on time and on budget.

Commercial Retail Unit Upgrades

We provide fast turnaround on Commercial Retail Unit upgrades saving costs and downtime. CRU’s ensure that retail spaces are updated with the latest equipment, modern fixtures and safety standards. We have years of experience in commercial upgrades and developments. Let us bring your development up to the BRIGHT WEST standard.

Commercial Retail Unit Upgrades (CRU’S) provide existing retail spaces with updated hardware and components. Upgrading an existing system is a cost-effective way to modernize your development; installing a new system will significantly reduce the unit’s energy consumption which will reduce overhead. Modern aesthetics in addition to reduced electrical costs will increase your bottom line and attract desirable higher-paying tenants.

Another major consideration in retail units is outdated wiring; each year electrical fires account for millions of dollars worth of damages. Let us audit your system and ensure your units stay operating and generating revenues.

Contact us to find out more about how we can assist with your commercial electrical project.