About our company

about-imageMaximum energy efficiency & conservation is what separates us from the competition.

Bright West Electric is pioneering a shift in the electrical industry; our main objective, in addition to our client’s satisfaction, is to ensure that each design and installation utilizes the most energy efficient layout reducing unnecessary power loss and consumption. Our ultra clean installations are what separates us from the competition and ensures that your current projects don`t become future headaches.

Our experts specialize in Residential, Commercial and Custom electrical projects; with years of experience in New Commercial Developments, New Housing, Commercial Retail Unit Upgrades, Renovations and custom designs/ installations we possess an impressive portfolio of unique and inspiring projects. Bright West Electric is the ONLY choice for your current and future projects.

Our Core Values

Minimum Downtime

Our fast turnaround decreases costs and increases the bottom line; we accomplish this by intelligent planning, efficient installation and rigorous control processes. This core value is what differentiates us from the competition.

Maximum Energy Conservation

Our intelligent design utilizes new technologies and skilled installers to ensure optimum power output and minimum energy waste.

Intelligent Design

Incorporating the most efficient layout creates holistic benefits for the entire project; clean wiring, energy efficient hardware and logical planning minimizes waste, reduces the environmental footprint and produces a higher quality result.

Sustainable Business Practices

We recycle all eligible materials from all projects; we are actively contributing to a low environmental impact and energy efficient future.